Lipid Lunacy

"The book that ends food addiction & puts YOU back in control of your eating".

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The Conditions

One of the unique contributions of this book is to explain that there are three medical conditions, which cause insatiable food cravings. If you can’t stick to a diet you are not greedy, or weak willed, you are almost certainly suffering from one, or more, of these conditions. You need to work through the book to understand how you got them, how you get rid of them and how you can keep them away, so that you don’t experience food cravings again. Without cravings, you can stick to The Harcombe Diet and lose weight quickly, easily and healthily.

One of the other startling revelations in this book is that eating less/calorie counting is almost guaranteed to give you these conditions. The book will explain exactly how this happens and why, therefore, you must eat better, not eat less, to lose weight.


Food Intolerance


by Zoë Harcombe