Lipid Lunacy

"The book that ends food addiction & puts YOU back in control of your eating".

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Candida is a yeast, which lives in all of us, and is normally kept under control by our immune system and other bacteria in our body. It usually lives in the digestive system. Candida has no useful purpose. If it stays quiet and in balance, it causes no harm. The problem starts if Candida multiplies out of control and then it can create havoc with our health and well-being. Candida has been shown to cause insatiable food cravings – particularly for all sugary foods, bread, cakes, biscuits, fruit/fruit juices and vinegary/pickled foods.

The book will explain:
What is Candida?
What causes Candida overgrowth?
How do you know if you have Candida overgrowth?
How does Candida cause food cravings?
How can you treat Candida?
So that you can get rid of the condition and the food cravings that go with it.

Download Questionnaire on causes of Candida

Download Questionnaire on symptoms of Candida

Food Intolerance


by Zoë Harcombe