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Food Intolerance

Food Intolerance means, quite simply, not being able to tolerate a particular food. This is different to Food Allergy – Food Allergy is the really serious, life threatening, condition where people have nut, or strawberry allergies, for example. Food Intolerance develops when you have too much of a food and too often and your body just gets to the point where it can’t cope with that food any longer. Food Intolerance can also make a person feel horribly unwell. The real irony is that Food Intolerance causes people to crave the foods to which they are intolerant. You are most likely to be intolerant to anything you have daily and feel you couldn’t live without.

The book will explain:
What is Food Intolerance?
What causes Food Intolerance?
How do you know if you have Food Intolerance?
How does Food Intolerance cause food cravings?
How can you treat Food Intolerance?
So that you can get rid of the condition and the food cravings that go with it.



by Zoë Harcombe