Lipid Lunacy

"The book that ends food addiction & puts YOU back in control of your eating".

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This is some of the feedback from people who have tried, and loved, The Harcombe Diet:

“I was so excited just reading the back cover – this was me! I lost 7lb in the first 10 days without feeling hungry at all.”

“For the first time in my life I know I will be slim. I have started the programme, I’m not hungry, the cravings have gone and I know how to stop them coming back. The feeling of liberation is indescribable.”

“I lost 70lb on this programme. It was easy to follow. I never felt hungry. I could eat out, take lunches to work, go on holiday and carry on with my normal life whilst still losing weight. It is so practical and effective. All my colleagues were asking me how I had lost so much weight and I actually didn’t want to tell them. I wanted to keep the secret to myself!”

“I’ve changed my weighing day to Wednesday and last night I had lost 14.5lb – my first stone!!! This weight loss has been ENTIRELY due to you and your wonderful book. It gave me an understanding and has made this weight loss extremely easy … it is an awesome thought to know that I shall continue to lose weight thanks to minor changes in my diet. So my sincere thanks, it is doing wonders for my self esteem and life has never been so exciting and challenging.”

“I have been following your diet for the last 4 days and have lost 5lb! It was a real struggle not to eat sweet things but my will-power held out. Am looking forward to starting Phase 2 to see what happens.”

“I started Phase 1 and after 2 days I had lost 5lb. I actually thought the scales were wrong but I got on the next day and I had definitely lost 5lb. I had just finished an 8 week programme with a personal trainer and I didn’t lose a single pound and I was so demotivated. Then I tried this for 2 days and lost 5lb. It was incredible!”

“I’m on day 3 of Phase 1 and it’s going really well. I don’t feel as ill as I thought I would, I have been going to bed early to make the evening temptation time shorter but it’s worth it ‘cos I’ve lost half a stone already.”

“Thank you for writing such a wonderful book. You explain it so well!!!”

“I have been doing your diet for the last three weeks and it’s brilliant! I have lost lots of weight and feel in control of my eating with no cravings at all. In fact, I feel like a different person. I have lots more energy and feel much happier in myself because of all the benefits.”
“I started your book last night – and finished it a few hours later! You didn’t tell me it would be compulsive! I kept reading about all these things that I knew something about and you pieced them altogether. It made so much sense! I don’t need to lose more than a couple of pounds but I do need more energy and I’m sure this Candida thing is a big problem for me. Phase 1 here I come!”

“I’ve lost 8lb in 4 days! I can’t believe it. I didn’t even feel ill like the book said I might. I feel great. I did have huge cravings for sugar for the first couple of days but I didn’t give in and I’m really glad I didn’t.”

“I just wanted to say how pleased I am already. I have read the whole book, done the 5-day kick start programme and have lost 5lb. I can’t believe it!”

“I just couldn’t wait to call everyone this morning. I was at mum’s last night and weighed myself as we don’t have scales at home. I knew I’d lost a lot of weight but I found out I’ve lost 24lb – nearly 2st! In under a month. I just can’t believe it. I’ve been telling everyone (not that I need to because they can see for themselves!) I feel great too – I can’t remember feeling better to be honest. Thank you so much for the diet!”
“I bought your book just over a fortnight ago and I’m impressed!! I followed phase 1 for the 5 days and lost 8lbs and have now moved onto phase 2…”

“I lost 5lb in Phase 1 and I’ve lost 10lb altogether in the first 2 weeks. Everyone at work wants a copy of your book because they hadn’t seen me for a week and didn’t recognise me when I got back! I feel fantastic too – more energy than ever. My skin is so clear – I just look so well – not just slimmer. Thank you so much.”

“I feel like I’ve got a secret that no one else knows – the secret of how to lose weight! I lost 7lb in Phase 1 and a stone in the first 2 weeks. I socialise a lot so I need to ‘cheat’ when I’m out and this diet actually tells me how to do that. I have my beer and dinner out but I don’t go mad. This is just fantastic!”

“I have been meaning to update you on my progress since reading your book. By the way I enjoyed the book so much I read it twice!!!! First book I have read in years. I have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks so I am over the moon! I am going for 2 stone total loss to get to my ideal weight. Thanks for writing the book I have recommended it to lots of family and friends.”

“I feel that this is the best healthy eating plan I’ve tried and I never feel hungry.”
“I’m so tired today from having stayed up to read your book last night. I couldn’t put it down! It makes so much sense and I feel like you’re standing here reading it to me when I’m going through it. It’s like having a personal coach!”

“I have just finished my Phase I of your diet and have lost 6 pounds. I feel absolutely wonderful and have loads of energy. On to Phase 2 now!! Thank you so much.”

“I have every one of the conditions in the book and then some. I have been bed ridden for several days in the past few months. Phase 1 nearly finished me off but I knew why I felt so bad. I just kept thinking of the word ‘parasite’ and it kept me going. I was so determined I didn’t know what had come over me. At the end of Phase 1, I felt incredible. I’ve been waking at 5.30am with an energy I have never known. I feel clear headed. Until I started this plan I could not remember a day when I had not had chocolate and now I haven’t had it for weeks. I just don’t crave food any more. I’m loving doing things around the house and the garden with all this energy I now have. I can’t thank you enough.”

“I just love your book. I’m training for a marathon and have always struggled with sugar highs and lows. I’m following the Phase 2 advice and eating the most enormous quantities you can imagine and I am staying at the right weight and finding the training is going so well. The advice just makes so much sense. My health is so important to me so I really like the idea of nourishing my body with only good foods.”

“I need this book! The person who recommended it is literally fading away in front of my eyes but he’s bouncing around with energy like Tigger – what has happened to him?!”

“Zoë, I am going to get there, thanks to you. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I weighed this morning – I’ve lost a phenomenal 10lb already and this is only the beginning of Day 4! What’s more, no hunger cravings whatsoever. What joy to find a route back to a normal size – thanks once again for being caring and generous to share your findings and research.”

“What an Easter present – both my partner and I have lost 10lb in 9 days – this is the fastest weight loss we have ever experienced – even more than on Atkins. What’s more we feel great! We’re sleeping well, the cravings have gone, we feel clear headed and just alive really. Thank you so much.”

“Just thought I’d drop you a line to say that I am extremely impressed; I’ve lost half a stone since Friday and my trousers are falling down (could be a bit embarrassing really)! Here’s to the next 6.5st! Thank you ever so much – the book is such an inspiration – my mum is going on it too.”

“I’m doing brilliantly – 10lb in 2 weeks and 1 week of that was on holiday. I found it surprisingly easy to stick to on holiday – tropical fruits for breakfast one day and meat, cheese and omelette the next. The fat meals were dead easy for main meals and I just wasn’t hungry. I even cheated with quite a lot of alcohol and I still lost weight.”

“I am just emailing to thank you for your book! A month or so ago, I did the 5-day plan and lost 7 pounds! Admittedly, I felt awful for the majority of those 5 days, I was v pleased with the results. I’ve previously tried both Weight Watchers and Slimming World diets and food plans, but couldn’t handle being able to eat ‘whatever I liked, but in moderation’: I can never stand to leave things half-eaten or just take tiny portions of food I love!”


by Zoë Harcombe